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My Teenager Has Acne, How Can I Help?

Acne can inflict the young and the old but is most common during our teenage years. The acne that teenagers suffer from is called acne vulgaris and is triggered by puberty’s reproductive hormones surging through their bodies. These raging hormones make the sebaceous glands enlarge and increase the production of sebum. The pores produce a kind of protein called keratin. The increased sebum and production of keratin, dead skin cells and bacteria block the hair follicles which stops the sebum being able to get through the skin pores. Acne is when the skin erupts because it is infected and inflamed by the bacteria and sebum clogged hair follicles.

At a time in your child’s life when he is already often angry and confused, angry skin can really get him down. The diet your teenager sticks to can greatly affect his skin’s health. This is where you can educate him and help him control and often eradicate his acne. Remember that some people are more naturally inclined to have acne because of their heredity plus pollution and other external bacteria and toxins play a part. The good news is a healthy, well-balanced and nutritional diet can really be effective in the fight against acne accompanied by a thorough cleansing regimen.

Begin by accepting you and your teenager need to be as patient as you can. What can seem pretty minor to you can feel like a disaster to an adolescent child. Your child is going through the most emotional and confusing time in his life. You can help soothe him with good nutrients in his diet and this will reflect in his skin.

Banish processed foods from your teen’s diet as they contain saturated fats, synthetic dyes and way too much salt and sugar. These are all toxins that need to be expelled from the body and one way is through the skin. Encourage your child to drink lots of fresh water every day as this will flush out lots of toxins. Add lots of natural foods to his diet with high fiber whole grains, fruit, vegetables and fresh juices as this will help his colon eliminate toxins. Your teenager needs his essential fatty acids and omega 3s so make sure he is eating lots of protein.

The nutrients that are most needed for good skin are:
•    Vitamin A which is found in green and yellow fruits and vegetables plus animal livers and fish liver oils
•    Vitamin C that is contained in green vegetables,  berries and citrus fruits
•    Vitamin E that can be found in legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, avocados, cold pressed vegetable oils and dark green leafy vegetables
•    Zinc which is in fish, egg yolks, kelp, mushrooms, soy, whole grains, legumes and liver meats
•    Essential fatty acids and Omega 3s that are in walnuts, oily fish such as salmon and mackerel and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities

By Eirian Hallinan

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