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It is day four of incessant crying. No sleep for anybody in the family. The new baby, a precious gift, is no bundle of joy. You would do anything to help relieve the obvious pain your baby is experiencing. The worst part is nothing seems to help. Many parents end up in the emergency room in an attempt to find an answer to their baby’s suffering. But there doesn’t seem to be any definitive answers. Experts can’t agree- some say the baby is trying to change the dynamics of the household to focus more on the infants needs. Others insist that the baby is not in any real pain but uncomfortable outside the womb. Still others maintain allergies to breast milk or formula is keeping your baby gassy and fussing. While all of these theories may have a very small place in the very large, all encompassing diagnosis of colic, an immature digestive system learning to synchronize itself seems the most plausible answer. After talking with hundreds of colic-challenged moms let me dispel some popular colic myths.

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Should Men Get Involved with Breastfeeding?

Research has shown that breast-fed babies enjoy health advantages such as fewer digestive problems, colic, reflux, gas, intestinal infections, allergies and skin diseases. The babies are also at less risk of developing high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. A study suggested they are smarter than formula-fed babies as well. That is why men should get involved with their wife, girlfriend, or family members to help with breastfeeding cores. The breast-fed babies are probably better at sports too. Although there is no current study supporting this sports theory, maybe someone can add this study their next thesis?

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You Are What You Eat: How Does That Affect My Breast Milk?

Your first night out after having the baby and you enjoyed yourself. Mexican food, salad bar, chocolate soufflé to be naughty but now you’re up all night with your gassy, fussy, uncomfortable infant. Are the two events related? Possibly!

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Nursing Baby, Baby, and Baby – Breastfeeding Multiple Babies

by Sara Latta

Nursing multiples does have its challenges. First and foremost, it requires dedication and a real desire to provide nourishment.

Susan Kimes was breastfed when she was a baby in the early 1950s, even though bottle-feeding was in vogue and breast-feeding was considered, well, old-fashioned. Years later, she watched her sister breastfeed her children. Kimes had always assumed she would breastfeed her own children as well; to her, it was a natural part of being a woman and a mother.

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Breastfeeding Nutrition

So youve decided to breastfeed your baby! You’ll want to make sure that both you and your little one are getting all of the nutrients you need to stay healthy and strong. According... More »