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Keep Your Marriage Strong After Having Kids

Many healthy, loving couples are not fully prepared for the challenges of having children. These challenges are difficult to foresee, and. almost no couple is immune to them. Even couples who have never been through a serious argument before having children can be tested by all the new tensions and pressures that come with bringing a new family member into the world.

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Helping Children Deal with Divorce

By Jamell Andrews

Divorce is a stressful event for everyone involved. Just because parents are the two individuals who are directly going through the process, it does not mean that the children involved are immune from the negative effects. For the most part, the various reactions that children have to news of divorce will depend upon their ages, temperament, and the specific circumstances that surround the divorce.

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The Art of Sharing – Shared Custody

My Experiences with Shared Custody

Our breakup started and ended quickly. That said I had probably missed all the signals a failing relationship yields the whole year and half we were together. In that time we had shared an apartment, friends and our son. In hindsight we were naive to think a relationship with so little chance to grow before Austin came along would succeed. We did our best to accommodate the changes a child brings. We picked out the best daycare, bought all the necessities and read the books people suggested. Austin became the best thing in our lives. Soon it had become clear he was the only topic we could discuss without argument, the only reason we were still together.

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Clubhouse on Wheels – Childcare

By Sylvia Wells

In this hyper-stimulating world we live in there aren’t many places you can go to enjoy quiet time with your children. That is why I make the most of my time in the car with my kids. There are no distractions, (and no escape), it’s a great time to reconnect and get to know each other a little better.

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