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Dressing Your Toddler – Finding the Right Clothes For Your Little One

by Jennifer McAllister

Buying clothes for your toddler can be a daunting experience. Firstly, the variety, cost and sizes of clothes available for babies are as wide as those available for adults. Then there are obvious questions to consider like whether the clothes are meant for regular use or for special occasions. And the biggest consideration apart from safety and comfort would be the fact that babies grow at an astounding rate, so clothes worn by a new born are significantly different from those worn by a six-month old baby and buying a lot of clothes is not advisable.

Since comfort and safety would always have to be considered for your toddler, an effective way for going about buying clothes for a baby would be to divide them into specific age ranges: 

Clothes for newborns to three months old:
The prime consideration should be safety. You should check whether there are any buttons, snaps or any similar thing which come loose. There is danger of choking with such things. Clothes which have Velcro and zippers at the back are a good choice.

Clothes for babies in the age range of 6-9 months:
You can buy more clothes for babies that are in this age range. Buying clothes that are quite large in size is a good idea. The baby would be able to grow into them.

Clothes for babies in the age range of 12-24 months:
Babies in this age range are very active. They pick up new abilities, move about, play, understand some words and speak some as well. So clothes should not only be cute but also durable. Babies in this age range may also want to take off their clothes when they feel uncomfortable, so picking up clothes which are easy to undo would be a good idea.
They are not exactly babies anymore and have started walking and talking. They are very curious about the world around them and very active. They insist on doing everything themselves. They may also be in the process of being toilet trained. Clothes for them should ideally be comfortable and available locally.
On the whole, buying clothes for babies may appear to be a tough process but it is a deeply pleasing experience as well.

Author Bio: Jennifer McAllister is the webmaster of “Baby Ktan Products” which specialize in baby carriers, baby clothes and more. She was born  at New Jersey and completed her diploma in Advertising and Marketing from a reputed university. As a single mother she always wanted to make something for babies and mothers and then she started Baby Ktan Products. Created to be one of the easiest, most versatile, comfortable, safe and stylish carriers on the market.


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