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Hosting a Princess Tea Party

By Chris Molnar

Oh the princess tea party — it’s practically a rite of passage for little girls everywhere. At some point your daughter will embrace this phase and celebrate it for all the dainty beauty that it is. This makes for the perfect theme of a party and your little princess can truly celebrate.

This is quite easy and fun to host as long as you focus on all the little details – the tablewear, the dainty little sandwiches, and of course the tea (which could just be Kool-aid or juice, though have them try herbal tea too.) For your princess to be one for a day, think of frilly, delicate, and ribbons. From the dress to the food to the decorations, this is one party that is sure to please even the most discerning princess taste.

Here Comes the Royal Highnesses

Every little girl wants to be a princess and at this party they can truly become one. You want to set up an area where all the invited little girls can dress up in their perfect princess costumes. On your invitations encourage princess or fairy costumes, but if somebody doesn’t have one, have a spare one or two dress up gowns and tiaras in a tickle trunk by the door. For activities before the main party, lay out materials to make a wand or a crown – they can take these home with them. Put out a few big mirrors so that they can check themselves out after they dress the part.

The Dainty But Delicious Foods

Time for the perfect little treats. You want to brew the perfect cup of tea if they are old enough to enjoy it. If it’s summer you can serve up iced tea or lemonade from a beautiful tea pot. If it’s winter or a bit colder you can brew up some herbal tea you think they will enjoy – strawberry, lemon or some other fruity herbal tea will be sure to please.

If you are dealing with a younger set, consider serving up “warm” chocolate out of a tea pot. They will just get such a kick out of being served out of this beautiful ornamental piece that they won’t even care what they are drinking!

For the little finger sandwiches, and if the girls are old enough to appreciate it, go for a traditional such as cucumber cream cheese sandwiches. Also make some favorites such as peanut butter and jelly (ask about allergies first), tuna, salmon, and cheese. To create professional-looking rolls, take a sandwich slice, cut off all the crusts, and layer the filling right to the edge. Roll carefully, press down gently so they stick, and leave in the refrigerator until needed. As they cool, they will retain their shape. When ready to serve, slice into individual rolls and serve on a dainty dish.

Complete the princess meal with cookies and tea biscuits in several varieties – every princess loves her dessert!

The Gorgeous Setting and Decorations

The focal point of the table will be the ornamental and very decorative tea pot and the set of tea cups that they will each get to drink out of. Add one or two bouquets of flowers on the table, with petals on the table cloth. Add twisted pink and white streamers to the table edge, and along the walls (if indoors.) Use your imagination to transform the area into something royal and magical.

You want to really make it feel like the meal is fit for a princess, so go for a pink tablecloth with lots of frill. Also consider tying a big beautiful bow on each little girl’s chair. You can even dress things up a bit by putting a jewel lined name card at each little girl’s place at the table.

This is one princess tea party that will have all of the details covered, and make your beautiful little princess and her friends involved in a royal tradition!

About the Author: Chris is a stay-at-home Dad and writer, and edits a website full of party theme ideas at With two daughters, he has lots of experience setting up princess parties, and his eldest is asking for a Fancy Nancy birthday party in the near future!

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