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Mystical Flights – Poem

Mystical Flights

Night time falls gently
as the sun bids goodnight
stars sparkle with magic
in the moon’s soft light

fairies stretch and awaken
angels take their positions
candy floats in midair
for this heavenly tradition

puppies and kittens
frolic and play
time out corners
have floated away

grandmas sit waiting
in slow rocking chairs
grandpas play monster
dinosaurs and bears

here, shadowy figures
do not exist
nor do they linger
in a foggy mist

for the darkness gives way
to love’s brilliant light
as the dreams of sweet babies..
.. take mystical flight

when you watch your babies
smile in sleep
have no doubt
they’re in angel’s keep

should you take their hand
and clasp it tight
you shall too
take a mystical flight!

A Poem By Lisa Cecil (Willhite)

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