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New Online Baby CPR Course Seeks to Reduce Child Deaths by Making Training Accessible to Parents

A child chokes on a bite of hot dog. A toddler wanders into the edge of a lake when the parents look away briefly. A young one is found by a parent, unresponsive in a crib. All of these children have something in common: they are all in life-threatening situations.

The good news is that CPR can save any of their lives if given in time. The problem is that, by some accounts, less than 4% of parents even know how to do CPR on their youngsters. It would be easy to blame the parents, but these adults often have real hurdles to taking CPR classes.

Some parents just do not have the $50 or more to spend on the class, much less the cost of a babysitter for the hours spent taking it. It isall they can do to feed, clothe, and house their child. Other parents have trouble with transportation to get to classes which may be held far from their homes. Time is also a factor since parenting, by its nature, is a busy occupation.

HeartSaving Solutions has a new Online Baby CPR course that makes life-saving lessons accessible to parents. The Internet based course is filled with videos and audio, text information, and quizzes to help parents learn about emergencies that can be resolved by CPR. HeartSaving Solutions is a certified CPR First Aid training center.

Parents can learn online easily. We have already proven the success of our online instruction with our middle and high school CPR classes. We offer the training at a very low price. Our mission with is to drastically cut the number of child fatalities that can be prevented by parents learning these techniques. Owner Keith Weaver explains about the new online course.

Even parents who have taken CPR classes before will be refreshed and updated on new techniques. The automated external defibrillator machine (AED) is one area of expertise nearly everyone can learn from in the Online Baby CPR course. Parents will also be glad to know ways to prevent choking, drowning, and suffocation in the first place. The course teaches CPR methods to help infants through children of age 8.

Only 8 bucks! You could have charged a lot more for this course. The convenience alone makes it worth more like $20 or more. So full of great info, too. One parent remarks about the course.

CPR training for parents is a must. HeartSaving Solutions a new Online Baby CPR course offers a practical option for parents to safeguard their childrens lives. Parents have known how important CPR is; now they have easy access to learn it, for the good of their children.

By Keith Weaver

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