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Personalize It: Giving the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

By Diane Cullen

One of the best gifts I ever gave was a ceramic plate. Given to a dear friend on the occasion of her daughter’s baptism, the plate was hand-painted in pink and pale green and featured a cross, just as I had specified. The baby’s name and baptism date were spelled out in hand-drawn, whimsical letters. I can still recall that feeling of giddy anticipation as I waited for my friend to unwrap that plate. Here was a gift I would have made myself, just for my friend, if only I possessed the talent. Because I don’t, I did the next best thing: I asked a talented artist to personalize her work to my specifications and together we created a one-of-a-kind gift that I know my friend-and in time, her daughter-will cherish forever. After all, this perfect gift was handmade just for them.

I’ve been giving personalized gifts ever since: a monogrammed dress for a first birthday, a ceramic cross with the name of a niece making her first communion, even a key chain featuring the hand-painted portrait of a friend’s beloved dog. For the next friend who has a baby, I’ll turn a practical gift into a stylish one by ordering monogrammed pacifier clips (those handy gadgets that keep pacifiers connected to baby’s clothing). I’m officially regretting the run-of-the-mill gift card I gave my son’s teacher at the end of the school year; a ceramic plate featuring hand-painted portraits of the children in the class would have meant so much more. And if I could do my wedding over again, I’d give myself and everyone in attendance a gift by ordering a custom-made wedding program that features hand-drawn pictures of each person in the wedding party!

I’ve discovered there is no end to the type of occasion that can benefit from a personalized gift. Think beyond baby showers, birthdays, and baptisms. Have a friend who recently adopted a child? Help the new family start a tradition of celebrating the day their child arrived, which is sometimes called Gotcha Day or Adoption Day. This is a perfect way to establish an annual family tradition of honoring your child and emphasizing just how special and unique he or she is. Your gift can be as elaborate as a custom painting of the new family (you provide details like hair color and clothing color) or as simple and inexpensive as a box of sugar cookies featuring the continent of the child’s birth. Whatever you choose, your personalized, handmade gift is proof that you cared enough to give something extra special.

Know someone who recently suffered a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or another type of untimely loss? When words feel insufficient or escape you altogether, a personalized gift can provide the comfort you long to give. Jewelry etched with a message you chose, a quilt made of fabric you selected, or a portrait drawn from a picture you provided are gifts that will be cherished forever.

When it comes to giving gifts, nothing says you care better than a personalized gift. For a complete selection of unique, handmade personalized gifts to mark any occasion, from births to weddings to memorials, visit today.

Authors Bio:
Diane Cullen Page specializes in personalized gifts for all occasions and is the founder of CCC Gifts CCC Gifts offers not only the best personalized gifts, but also unique gifts such as Gotcha Day, memorial and loss gifts, etc. Check out their back to school specials going on now. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

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