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Techniques – When Potty Training Clashes With Your Vacation!

There are some simple preparations that you can make in advance before embarking on a trip away with your toddler in the midst of his potty training.

  • Take your child’s potty on the trip as it needs to be at hand at all times whilst you are in training. Even when you are on the road you can stop the car and place the potty on the seat of the car
  • It is advisable to take plastic sheets or bags with you to protect the car seat. They will help clean up any mess quickly and easily
  • Wipes, toilet paper and tissues are also needed in abundance of course! Use the same products you use at home because your infant will feel more comfortable
  • Take other familiar things with you on the trip to sooth and comfort your infant like his toys, books, cups, bottles etc
  • Disposable training diapers are a great help in some situations so take some of these on your vacation too
  • Obviously, you should never allow your child to become dehydrated but you do sometimes need to limit fluids when you are on the road so that your child does not feel the pressure to go the toilet too often
  • Plan frequent stops at rest areas and do not feel embarrassed taking the potty with you to the bathroom. Your child will feel more at ease going to the toilet in his familiar chair
  • Be prepared that it is more than likely your child will have one or two accidents while you are away. When this happens remain calm and patient and understanding all the time that your infant is trying to learn something new. Praise him often. Children usually react more to the stress of travelling than adults
  • Once you have reached your destination shower your child with praise and tell him what a great job he did using his potty during the journey. This will encourage his training and positive thinking about using his potty
  • Finally, and interestingly, water can play havoc with potty training when you are travelling! This is because when you travel to another area and the water is different it can cause constipation in adults and children. If your child suffers from constipation on your travels it can really cause a set-back with his potty training. A great idea to overcome this is to give your child bottled mineral water for a little while before you leave on your vacation. Keep them on the bottled water for the whole of the vacation and then slowly start giving him the normal water once you have returned home.

By Eirian Hallinan

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