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What is Rescue Facts and How does Rescue Facts Work?

by Maria Gath

One of the scariest moments in a person’s life can very well be the moments before the impact of a car accident. Those moments become scarier when you have a child in the car with you.

One company has put together a product that, although it won’t prevent an accident from happening, may ease your mind when an accident occurs. Rescue Facts, LLC, founded by a police officer and former EMT, offers emergency medical information to rescuers and first-responders in the form of a medical information strap designed to be attached to seatbelts, carseats, motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmet chin straps and more. “When emergency responders first arrive on a scene to render aid, one of the first steps taken is to remove the victim’s seatbelt or clothing,” said John Mulry, president and inventor.

Rescue Facts provides an attention-getting method of communicating crucial information in critical situations which saves time and lives. Rescue Facts is endorsed by the National Safety Council, the Good Sam Club and Triple A of the Pacific Northwest.

According to Mulry, “We’d like to see every automobile, bus, motorcycle and disabled or medically challenged individual equipped with a way to communicate medical information to rescuers and EMTs.”

How does Rescue Facts work?

There are two parts to the Rescue Facts product. The first is the nylon embroidered strap which is made from heavy duty industrial grade nylon. A bright white universal medical symbol is embroidered onto the easily visible red strap. The strap is attached to the seat belt, car seat, handlebars, helmet strap, walker or clothing item, by wrapping around the item and secured by industrial grade Velcro.

The Rescue Strap is able to slide freely thus avoiding any discomfort to the user. Inside the strap is a pocket designed to hold the included medical information insert which is set up to hold all your important medical facts.

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