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A JAB IN THE DARK. Are our children being over vaccinated?

By Sara Mulholland, Empowa Pty Ltd.

Triple Triple Antigen, Triple MMR, Triple Hib, Triple Hep B, Quadruple oral Polio, Meningococcal C, Pnuemococcal, Varicella, boosters and more boosters. When will it end? Sara Mulholland examines the evidence.

Fiona watched helplessly as her devastated friend mourned the loss of her twins, one dead and one severely brain damaged from massive seizures due to side effects from the triple antigen vaccines they had just received. Why had no one warned her that this could happen?

Although this side effect is considered ‘rare’ by the pharmaceutical companies and medical profession, the fact that it is an acceptable reaction is a travesty. Subjecting tiny babies and our precious children to massive doses of antigens and toxic contents of vaccines, without even conducting an allergy skin test, can have heartbreaking results. In the case of Fiona’s friend the shock to the twins’ immune systems was overwhelming, causing immediate consequences.

This may occur far more often than medical organisations would have us believe, as many of the infant deaths take place outside of the period established as being linked to the vaccines. In other words, if an infant dies within a few days of having their vaccines, it is recorded as a possible cause of death. However, it is much more difficult to prove that a vaccine is responsible for death thirty days after being injected, as in cot death. These are the sort of unreliable statistics we as a community are given.

Such statistics also don’t include deaths that occur much later, such as that of young Priya. Her mother, Dr Anju Usman, an American medical doctor who believed that immunisation was critically important, allowed Priya to have a minute test amount of the MMR vaccine, which was based in egg. Knowing that her daughter was highly allergic to eggs, Dr Usman felt apprehensive, but trusted the system completely. As soon as the vaccine was administered, Priya became extremely ill. Her allergies intensified, triggering fully blown asthma. A few short years later, Priya tragically died of an anaphylactic reaction to a trace amount of peanut in a Chinese take away egg roll.

Her younger sister, Dr Usman’s second daughter, began to have the same severe allergic reactions immediately after her first vaccinations. First she presented with asthma, then ear infections which persisted despite many courses of antibiotics. At only eight years old, she developed juvenile onset diabetes, with no previous indication of the disease. Dr Usman researched this, coming up with studies indicating that “the risk of children developing diabetes after receiving the HIB vaccination was even higher than the risk of their developing the disease itself, which can usually be effectively treated with antibiotics. Studies indicated that the HIB vaccination may cause approximately two thousand to four thousand new cases of Type I diabetes every year.”1. Research indicates that the aluminium added to vaccines may be responsible for this.

Dr Usman’s third daughter also suffered from the same allergies after her vaccinations. She refused to allow her fourth child, a son, to be vaccinated. He remains robustly healthy.

The long term effects are only now becoming obvious, as entire populations of children suffer from huge increases in childhood cancer, cot death, autism, asperger’s, ADHD, learning disorders, allergies, asthma, eczema, chrohn’s disease, recurrent ear infections, depression, obesity, diabetes and many other new syndromes appearing. Dr Kenneth Bock, a leading physician in the fight to defeat these, emphasises: “Vaccinations, administered with toxic levels of mercury in them, helped cause an epidemic of autism. They also contributed to the new epidemics of ADHD, asthma and allergies.”

The number of vaccinations that a child is required to have to keep them ‘safe’ from disease has doubled since the early 1990’s, 32 vaccines for 11 different infections before the age of four (Victorian Govt Health Information) and the list is growing, increasing the level of toxic minerals introduced into a vulnerable immune system. All vaccines contain a preservative called thimerosal, which, in the past, involved a form of mercury. The barrage begins on the first day of life, with the hepatitis- B vaccine, which, according to Dr Bock and The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), contained 36 times the safe limit of mercury for an infant. By the time the next three vaccines are given at two months, a child will have received 99 times the safe limit. 3

Although mercury has now been removed from most vaccines, the damage has already been done. Unfortunately, flu vaccines still contain mercury and are recommended for children, pregnant women and the elderly. 4 The pre birth vaccine for women with negative blood groups also contains mercury, creating a toxic level before children are even born.

In spite of all this, Dr Bock is not opposed to immunisation, only the heavy schedule, and the way that vaccines are given in multiples, causing immune system overload. In his opinion, all of these epidemics can be reversed, as they are due to metabolic dysfunction and toxicity. He has had much success in this area, even complete cures, which reinforce his stance.

His opinion of the situation is that the natural function of the immune system is changed by vaccination. When non vaccinated children contract a virus, their cells fight it mostly with T1 immune cells – attack cells, and the T2 cells come in as the next response. However, after vaccination, a child may never develop the disease, and therefore has no T1 reaction, only a T2 reaction, causing the immune system to be lopsided and inefficient, leaving the system vulnerable for allergic response. Even more concern should be given to the MMR vaccine in this way, as a further improper response to this live virus vaccine can result in a “chronic low-grade measles infection. It can also sometimes result in autoimmunity.” 5

It’s likely the vaccine schedule will increase in the near future, with the live Varicella Zoster vaccine (chicken pox) already in use in the USA. To add more poison to the pen, it will most probably be given with the MMR jab. Such a harmless illness produced nine deaths in the USA in 2002, out of the estimated four million who contracted it, and most of these were from people receiving chemotherapy or steroids, which reduce immunity. This is compared to the 14 deaths from 1995-1998 from reactions to the vaccine itself. 6. It hardly seems worth the risk.

If Dr Usman’s tragic story, one of thousands from the files of Dr Bock, rings alarm bells, don’t ignore your intuition, however much you may be told you are being paranoid. Leukaemia and brain cancer now account for nearly half of all childhood cancers, in the last twenty years asthma has increased by 300 percent, ADHD and allergies by 400 percent, autism by a staggering 1500 percent, and learning disabilities by 55 percent, a cautious estimate. 7 While these statistics are American, it is safe to assume that Australian statistics are not far behind, due to the same vaccination schedule, diet and toxic burden from the environment. At least in this country we still have the right to choose.

Children are not the only victims of immunisation. One of my clients, Anne, 64, recently decided to visit South America and was told she would require the Yellow Fever vaccine. Anne has been violently allergic to many things for as long as she can remember, and has been in anaphylactic shock a few times. Her doctor was aware of this but still sent her for the vaccine. With the best of intentions, he also recommended that she had the whooping cough and the flu vaccine, just to be on the ‘safe’ side. He did not request that Anne have these separately, a long time apart, nor did he suggest a sensitivity test before administering them. The three vaccines were injected one after the other, at the same time on the same day. Anne passed out, went into anaphylactic shock, had to have a massive adrenalin shot, and consequently suffered immense set backs in her health, and immunity. She was extremely ill for many months and had to cancel her trip. She is slowly recovering but is now even more sensitive to air bone allergens. Even the whiff of a perfumed deodorant can send her into shock.

The growing numbers of people like Anne are enough to tell us that we are doing something wrong. In a recent article by Dr Sam Tormey in ‘Brisbane’s Child’, Sept., 2008, she asks: “why do smart, caring parents believe weird things about vaccination?” she claims that there is “no credible evidence” to support any of the adverse effects of vaccines, especially the long term ones, except in the case of mercury additives. Even then she suggests that “it may have marginally raised mercury levels in infants, albeit without any evidence of damaging effects.” Has Dr Tormey been living under a rock?

One only has to enter a school classroom and ask how many children have asthma inhalers, how many children are on Ritalin or the like, how many children have eczema, how many courses of antibiotics each child has taken in their short lives, and how many children in the school have recovered from or died from cancer.

It seems that we have traded the remote possibility of disease for another whole set of problems that are going to need fixing. Our immune systems have been severely compromised and it’s going to take a very long time for them to recover, maybe generations.

As more people become aware of the ill effects of vaccination through research, illness, and the inevitable media coverage of lawsuits, we can begin to pray for a positive outcome to the whole mess. The vision for the future is that medical doctors and natural therapists work together in integrative medicine to deliver a better vaccine schedule, adopt a safer method, such as Homeopathy, and heal the already broken immune systems with detoxification and nutrition. We need to focus more on health rather than illness, on people rather than profit and gain. In this we will soon have no choice. Our children’s and grandchildren’s lives depend upon it.

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Author Bio – Sara Mulholland is a naturopath, yoga teacher, energy therapist and mother of two sons. She lives on the Gold Coast, runs a yoga studio and is currently writing her first book.

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