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Kids Birthday Parties. Have They Gone Over the Top?

By Janie Kimball

In our, “more is better” society, kids birthday parties have gone over the top. Find out have to create an inexpensive, yet memorable birthday party.

Whatever happened to good old fashioned birthday parties with cake and back-yard games? My nine year daughter recently attended a birthday party which included a limousine ride to The Ritz hotel for tea, followed by manicures and pedicures at a posh shop. I think most of us were first picked up in limos for our wedding not a child’s birthday party. Since when did birthday parties become such extravagant affairs? reported on a full service children’s birthday party planning company in California that is run by a team trained in child development. They take six weeks to plan and it costs as much as $10,000. Now that’s a party.

In our now, “more is better” culture, parents and kids are having higher and higher expectations of birthday parties. As a result, parents are feeling the financial strain and stress and kids are overloaded and over-indulged.

So how do you create an inexpensive, yet memorable birthday party? Keep it simple. Have the party at home and invite eight friends‚ not 20. Plan a fun craft that can be used as the take home party favor‚ eliminating the over-stuffed throw-away goody bag. Play good old fashioned games that kids will love. An obstacle course or sack race is great for both boys and girls of all ages. For younger kids, you can’t go wrong with Duck Duck Goose or Princess, Princess, Frog. For older kids, a dress-up relay race is always fun. Just use a bunch of clothes from the closet such as ties, dress up shoes, party dresses, hats.

There are lots of great birthday party ideas sites online to find fun birthday party themes and party games ideas. One site to try is Amazing Moms. Readers from all over the country submit birthday party ideas. You can also check out your local crafts store such as Michaels or Ben Franklin crafts for your activity materials or if you are short on time, go online and find craft packages available to you.

Remember that the birthday party is for your children. Pick something that every child can participate in and keep it simple. This will allow you too as their parents to enjoy the festivities, hold the video camera and simply share in the excitement of your child’s celebration! They will grow up too fast so relish in these exciting and developing years!

Janie is a mom of two and owner of Birthday Parties Delivered ( which provides unique and personalized kids craft birthday party packages. Great kids birthday party ideas and ideal for busy moms who still want a personal touch and stress free!

4 Responses to “Kids Birthday Parties. Have They Gone Over the Top?”

  • eva:

    Yes kids are probably very excited at the thoughts of some of these expensive parties, but from my experience kids love the old fashioned at home party best!!

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  • Thank you so much for this post! I find the extravagance of this birthday party trend really disturbing, especially when celebrating our kids gets overshadowed by cash & prizes. I especially love your craft idea as a way that the kids can be creative and work together!

  • Party Direct caters for busy parents who want to hold kids themed parties. Like Janie, at Party Direct we believe that kids parties should have some “good old fashion” fun. We offer party planning, photography and food tips but most of all we offer many party themes for children to use their imagination for fun.

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