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New Journal Provides Communication Tool for Separated Parents

A new journal available to separated or divorced parents allows them to communicate important information about their children to ensure a smooth transition between both homes, and peace of mind for the parents.

The Share-Care Journal, created by Unique to Me, is designed to travel with children between the homes of their separated parents, and has weekly journal space for both parents to record detailed information, such as upcoming school events, financial obligations, medication and illness, birthday party invitations, and other information that is often otherwise not communicated between parents.

Paula Ryan, Business Owner of Unique to Me, explained that she developed the concept of the Share-Care Journal to provide a more secure ongoing lifestyle for both the parents and children.

“Once separated, most parents can have difficulty communicating with each other, and organising the on-going responsibilities of raising the children together. This has an enormous impact on the children’s lives. Routines are not followed, important events forgotten, school notices and birthday invitations are lost, parents still argue and children take on adult responsibilities,” she said.

Aside from the journal pages designed for upcoming events, the Share Care Journal also provides contact detail pages, and pages for parents to record expenses that should be shared, together with a pocket to store loose documents including money, birthday invitations, school newsletters, receipts and the like.

The journal, that comes with its own protective envelope, also offers parents the opportunity to plan for upcoming special events in advance, such as Christmas and birthdays, thus alleviating last minute frustrations and allowing for a successful unique family life for children and parents alike.

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