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2008 Financial Crisis Raising Family Stress?

Numerous factors create stress within a family, but the current world financial crisis is hitting many homes all over the world. How does the family coupe with this type of stress?

Many families do not have an entirely stress free financial existence. While stress is common within families, sometimes the level reaches beyond the limit, resulting with the entire family becoming stressed out. When parents rein in the stress they put on themselves it trickles down to the entire family. In the face of our current financial pressures, stress could lead to a rising level of domestic and child abuse. Furthermore, stressed out parents place too much pressure on their children, which may cause the child to become stressed, depressed or anxious.

Many parents are never far from concern, responsibility and anxiety when it comes to their children, which leaves parents under financial stress and pressure. The holidays are one of the few times when we can relax and enjoy being with our kids, forgetting for a short time the daily stress of family finances. The strain of meeting ever changing financial guidelines and recommendations for families is at its peak during this 2008 finical crisis. How do parents coupe with financial stress without affecting the entire family?

Parenting stress relieving suggestions:

• Stay positive.

• Spend more time at home with your children.

• Start a new hobby with the entire family.

• Prepare fresh, healthy meals.

• Learn to slow down and say some things don’t matter.

Save money. Have children learn to eat at home more. This will not only make your kids healthier in the long term, but it will also teach them about what good food is. Involve your kids in food preparation, for this is a good way to pass on basic cooking skills. Remember, parents should not beat themselves up if they cannot achieve their stress relieving goal every day. If needed, improve your financial outlook and share it with the entire family. Caring parents are warmer, more nurturing and firmer.

Whatever your situation, your children live in a time of unprecedented financial change, they are exposed to the one sided media view and experience the effects of high levels of family stress breakdown . At times of financial crisis, listen to understand. The right questions at the right time may draw the answers out of even the most monosyllabic teenager. Use this financial crisis as an opportunity to seek help from a trusted family member, doctor or church member. Remind your kids you’ll never give up on them and that the finances will work themselves out.

Finally, think of ways to compromise the money spent every week. Make sure you, the parent, reinforce the message that you love them and care about their future regardless of how much money you have. Sometimes it may not feel like it, but children need to hear their parents say, “I Love You!”

by A. Van Vooren

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